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In 2009, the south-east Asia Sport games, Taiwanese Athletes suffered from South Korean dirty trick, putting their hands in the sport games, which should be fair and justice. It was at championship of the Taekwondo gaming,  the Korean gamers hit the Taiwanese throat that the act was prohibit by the rules, but the Korean judges just announced that the Korean athlete was the champion, how come this happened?
The rule-breakers won the game, and most irony was that his own country's people announced that he was the winner.
The film was about our Taiwanese officers claiming the unfair games, and WE NEED THE FAIR AND JUSTIFY GAMES!!  He announced that with evidences, not just MAKING HAPHAZARD REMARKS.

In shorts, Taiwan always get the unfair treat.

The following content is about the Asia Sport Games, we have been treated unfair and unjustice again.



Taiwanese taekwondo athlete disqualified at Asian Games over...... socks!?!?!?

Cited from here:http://focustaiwan.tw/ShowNews/WebNews_Detail.aspx?Type=aSPT&ID=201011170012

Focus Taiwan News Channel

Taiwanese taekwondo athlete disqualified at Asian Games over socks
2010/11/17 16:48:25

Guangzhou, China, Nov. 17 (CNA) A Taiwanese taekwondo athlete was disqualified at the 2010 Asian Games Wednesday after her electronic socks were found not to meet official standards, another black eye for a sport to which controversy is no stranger.

Yang Shu-chun, who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, was disqualified with 12 seconds left in the first round of her under 49 kilogram division bout against Vietnamese opponent Vu Thi Hau while holding a 9-0 lead.

Officials sitting outside the mat stopped the bout because they believed Yang's electronic socks, used to register successful kicks, did not meet Asian Games requirements, even though the socks had been approved in a pre-bout inspection.

Taiwan's delegation immediately filed a formal protest with the games authorities, but the Asian Games arbitration committee rejected the protest and upheld the judge's ruling after a meeting that lasted for more than an hour.

Yang, who was shocked and angered into tears and sat in the middle of the mat in protest after she was disqualified, remained in disbelief at what happened well after the incident.

"This was an extremely unfair decision. I don't know what was wrong. All of my electronic protective equipment followed official specifications," she said.

"I brought two pairs of WTF-certified socks with me. The Chinese examiner asked me to scrap the first pair, but the second pair passed the examination, " she recalled, referring to the sport's governing body, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

"Before the start of Wednesday's bout, the chief judge carefully examined all the equipment on my body and did not raise any questions, " Yang said. "I have never seen anything more unfair than this."

Lin Yung-lung, one of Taiwan's coaches, said the committee disqualified Yang because the style of sock she was wearing differed from officially sanctioned ones.

But he described the decision as arbitrary and unreasonable because the socks were from a WTF-certified brand and had passed Asian Games inspections.

"Even though the model was different, the judge did not find fault with it before the bout. If the judge had brought up the problem at the start, Yang could have changed her socks. This was negligence on the part of the organizers," Liu said.

"Individual athletes should not have to pay for the authorities' problems," he added.

For the 25-year-old Yang, it was a cruel blow. The winner of a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 2008, she had hoped to get another chance at gold and the Chinese athlete who beat her in Beijing -- Wu Jingyu.

"Why wouldn't they let me compete? I was well prepared to defeat my Chinese rival," Yang said.

The odds are good Yang would have had her chance because Vu made it to the semifinals before suffering a narrow loss to Japan's Erika Kasahara, who was to meet Wu in the finals of the event.

Chen Chien-ping, president of the Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Association, said that all of the electronic gear used by Taiwanese athletes at the Asian Games was purchased from the WTF in accordance with regulations.

"It is hard for us to accept the arbitrary decision, " Chen said, but he added that the rest of Taiwan's taekwondo team would stay in the competition.

"Our athletes will turn their anger and sadness into energy and strength to win honors in the event, " he said. (By Oscar Wu and Sofia Wu) enditem/ls


How come we Taiwanese becoming like this, the pure sport games should beyond everything, leave alone politic and business away. But thing turns out not like this.

I am so sad, that we Taiwanese suffered from these dirty things.
After this films,

 I CRIED. I cried for our respect ,for our  right of equaltiy







我看到楊淑君的影片 讓我覺得很無力

為什麼台灣人處處被打壓,之前我來英國,英國人對台灣的印象好上許多,現在開始遇到些英國人對中國的評價大於台灣,且認為未來幾年內 將會回歸中國。有點那悶的是這差別太大了,從之前英國人不喜歡中國,認為他們太霸道無理,到現在對中國的態度。

我不禁思考 台灣 在國際上是不是越來越輕聲細語了。

不用簽證逛英國、歐洲又怎樣? 出了國,還是會處處受到歧視打壓。


不過 台灣品牌好 卻是無庸置疑的,ACER ASUS HTC 等等,HTC在英國廣告處處可見,也挺暢銷的。這讓我有著深厚的榮譽感呢!




Added on 19 Nov, 2010.

照片為證!比賽時 楊淑君腳跟沒貼片


 Based on this Photo, Yang didn't put extra sensor after the booking, deadly not the story made up by the World Taekwondo Federation
(WTF), which I think is WHAT THE FUCK cheater.

What the fuck official claimed that why Yang could pass the booking is  their staffs did not find Yang had any extra sensors in her socks during the inspection. But from the photo showed above, the upper was while training and the downer one was the situation on the gaming. Evidences is evidence, storytellers always make black white to conceal their dark side of human nature.



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