Assignment 4

The opening scenes of the film show us a variety of old people on the streets of New York. Compare that to the last scene of the film. Where are we in the last scene? Who do we see in the last scene? What might be the meaning of that final image of the film?

The last scene is in California, there are old men chatting and playing chess, and by this way we can see Harry is happy there.

In my own opinion, it just likes a circle, it starts at old men chatting and ending at old men chatting. Moreover, Harry leave his most familiar home in New York, for  his and his wife neighborhood having been changed a lot, during a twists and turns tourism, he finally stays in the new community, it’s a little means that Harry is not the typical traveler or settled-people, he does not so hate moving, because in the film, Harry gets lots of experience, even if recalls his first love. But finally he stays, and lives a life at the first scene in New York. So I think I might mean people don’t have to be a distinct traveler or settled-people, we can choose the life we want.

What’s your favorite scene? Chose one scene and state why you find this particular scene interesting (or amusing, remarkable, or memorable.)

The most amusing scene is after taking a shower or bath, Ginger only wears brief without bra, though Harry is old enough to be her grandpa, Harry is still caring about a naked body.

I thought Ginger might think it is ok to do that, but she hasn’t thought that Harry might feel shy, so she just leaves the bathroom as she is at home. If I am Harry, I will do what Harry do, though it might be a big temptation to me.




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