Assignment 3 Michael August 28, 2008  
1. Choose one of the passages listed above and discuss it in some detail.
 Kumar’s use of an old Javanese saying to talk about wonderful things in life which are impossible to achieve: “Water from the moon, boss.”

    In my opinion the sentence means it is very hard to achieve it, just like a bird filling up the sea by little rocks. If there is water in moon, it would be very hard to get it. So Kumar use this old Javanese sayings to describe establishing a truly democratic government in his country, in the past, it was nearly impossible to get to moon, contrast to this modern people go to moon by rockets easily.
      Meanwhile, the political situation was not their side, it was difficult to topple down the government by armed force. Also, in addition to the president, there was another Islam general, who was powerful at that time, too. So they had to conquer these two different force. And this why he haid, ”water from the moon. ”
2. Describe in some detail whether you think this is a successful film. How do you evaluate this film? Are the events and issues introduced by the film important and memorable? How do you feel in general about the film?
      The film shows plenty of contrasts, making us compare the different, for example, it described the two different side of Indonesia, rich and poor. A group of poor children begged Hamilton for money, and we can see that the film made the western people as noble as it could, but when scenes changed to the palace the president lived, the western journalists changed into the beggars, begging for the officers’ interview. Another example, at first, Billy thought Hamilton would be the guy treated friend with his heart, won’t betray friend, and cared about his friend, so Billy gave his best for him, but unfortunately, Hamilton wasn’t his thought. We can see the drop of the height on Billy face, and this is the point that I thought this is a successful film.
     This film is great and meaningful, let me think about the things I haven’t thought about. I don’t think the introduced is important, in my opinion, movies tell story by images, so the audiences should not have to read the introduction for the purpose of knowing the whole story.
     The film is so different between the action or fiction movies, but the director also make the main character being a hero, like the Hollywood movies, the main character is handsome, brief, intelligent and taking his courage in both hands. As Hollywood movies are concerned, it seldom brings me something just the end, but this movie let me think about the friend, the poor and the wealth, the police situation, so many thing to think about, so I feel good about this film.

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