Topic: Teachers should five students more/ less homework

Present my position

 We are talking about the topic “Teachers should give students more or less homework”, in my own opinion I thing teachers should give students more homework for four reasons. First of all, students get more opportunity to practice to be skilled. On the second, students get the scene about where they are short at. On the third, it’s a good way for teacher to know how much his students know. At last, and the most important, good for students for making a good time-controlling.

The first one is from doing more homework, a good-self-control student get more opportunity to practice, everyone know there is proverb that practicing makes perfect. We don’t have the second Einstein, but surely we have the second Edison, we all knew how the electric light be created, and Edison went the wrong way for over 2000 times, eventually Edison did it, so we can get 2 meaning from Edison, one is never give up, and the other is what I want to talk about, the more practices the closer we become success. Yes, we can.

The second is students know where they don’t understand enough, my father always says I should do more practice from the homework and exercise, and I can learn completely. Yes, we can.

The third one is that teacher have more choice to know how much the students know and where their students don’t understand. By this way, teacher can give the better method for teaching students. Yes, we can.

At the last, the more homework means students should spend more time to do homework, and students have to make a good time schedule, or they will get traffic jam, all day long just don’t know what’s the next step and what to do next, so by figuring out a good time setting, they just can do thing in a good order. Students may go to the wrong way, but never mind, maybe the next foot we put forward, we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, we can.

On the conclusion, the homework today for students is not much enough, so I would stand my ground, and that’s why I say “Teachers should give students more homework.”







 rebuttal and concludes


We, the people, can learn new things in several different ways, such as watching films, discussing the essays, or travelling around. So many ways to learn, yesterday teacher gave us the story to as our homework, tomorrow we’re going to see the film “The Year of Living Dangerously”, and our homework would be read the viewing guide as our homework. If you take the course about management, one of the homework will be visiting the company, and back to class to share what you get. It’s our homework, too. So what I am going to say is that homework is not like the homework Sandy concerned, in short words about Sandy’s third opinion is “Learning is not only from books, and homework is book”, so we should give more time for students to do other thing helpful for learning, but compare to my opinion, my homework is just like the Sandy talked about.

When it comes to the second part Sandy has concerned is “Students should have a positive attitude toward learning”, that is, Sandy thought students do the homework teachers give them is a negative attitude. But let us recall what Sandy said, the first one she talked about is “teacher should give students some homework” which means she thought students is negative, and should give homework to students, to let the lazy bones working. If she wants the students to be more positive, then it’s better for her to insist on teacher should not give homework to students, or the students don’t have the opportunities to learn how to learn by themselves.

In short words, there are four benefits that teacher give more homework to students, more opportunities to lean, students can know where they misunderstand, teachers know how much his students know and think the better way to teach them and the last and the most important one is training students making good time controlling. In conclusion, today for the college students, teacher should give more homework to students.

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