Writing Assignment. This is a two-part writing assignment.

1.    Select any one of the above questions (i.e. questions 1 through 19) and write a short (i.e. two paragraph) personal answer to that question.


9. Under what circumstances does the aborigine boy die? What shocking scenes does he experience shortly before his death? Why does he paint his body and dance in front of the girl and around the house? Why and how does he die?

He died with his arms hung on the branch. He saw two white guy shooting the wilds easily, cruelly and randomly, just like the wilds were lifeless, and this scene shock him a lot. He painted his body and danced in front of the girl and around the house for the purpose of blessing for the girl going back to her home safe and sound.

When it comes to why and how he died, after seeing the whites shot the wilds he thought all the white guys would be as cruel as the two hunters, shooting animals with no pity, and they would kill him like the way the hunters treated the wilds, and he felt hopeless between he and the girl so he killed himself in a strange way, hanging himself on the branch.


2.   Briefly answer question 20 in the second half of your essay.


What are, in your opinion, some striking scenes that stand out in your mind and that you will remember?

In my own opinion the most astonishing scene is their father suicide. It makes no scenes that their father shot the younger brother just like playing a childish game, and madding the little boy thought they were fighting, a fight between good guy and bad guy. And at my first thought was that they were playing a game, but it seemed to not be what I thought, after shooting several shots, their dad was trying to kill them, fortunately the older sister got the scenes and took away her little brother with her, thought the father lied to them, “Hurry, it’s late, I have to leave now”. The children just hid there and didn’t answer their father. Calling without replaying, the man went back to the car, opened the cover, took out a bucket of gas, and then I just heard the gun-shot, and the scene moved to the father with oil on his face and burning car. The scene represented the dead of the man. But in my mind, I just wondering why, why the man killed himself, just his children didn’t follow his command? If that’s actually what I thought I would say he is a downbeat man.   

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