Question 3:

We see a contrast between travelers and settled people in the film. Discuss this contrast.

When it comes to the contrasts between travelers and settle people, in my own opinion, I think there are several contrasts between travelers and settled people. The life style, the comfort, the way they treat to their friend and the happiness.

When it comes to the life style, travelers move their camp and wagon to the other more comfortable place when they think the environment they live is getting worse than before, on the contrast, settled people always live at the same place, for instance, in the film Into the West the settled people live at the narrow flat, where the space it too small to live.

When it comes to the comfort they live, traveler live in the wild, everything is crude but natural, it would be less convenient because they should depend on themselves. On the contrast, settled people lived in house, which is a good shelter, keep them free of rains, wind, and wild animal. And settled people live at cities, they can get everything much more convenient.

When it comes to the way they treat their friend, travelers treat their friends very friendly and warm and don’t argue anything though there was a conflict 7 years ago. On the contrast, settled people seem to forget their friend just living at the next door, in the film, the settled people called the police to drive the horse away without giving thanks to them.

Based on the film Into the West, in my own opinion, travelers are much happier than the settled people, travelers live the way their ancient live, the life being the closet to the human being’s nature, eating, singing and dancing, most of all, they have freedom. On the contrast, settled people cannot do anything but seeing the TV shows, sitting on the sofa, breathing the dirty air in the city. All the settled people are with long faces because they lose their soul, the way they used to be.




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