B  Hey! What are you doing?

A I am reading newspaper.

B  You are Worldly-wise.

ABecause living and learning is very important, and keeping me catch the fashion.

BYou can sad that again, and I am going to read newspaper.


B  Why we don’t go to school last Friday?

ASee, that is the benefit of reading newspaper everyday.

    We did not have to go to class because of the typhoon last Friday.

BYou know everything like the back of your hand.

AAnd most specially, and you can find the reports at CNN website.   

BThey are not play favorites. We got a square deal.

        Our government made no secret of the fact.

AYou will not believe that the flood also made 119 in trouble, but they still put their head on the block, do their best stick their neck out for the citizen.   

BWho is him?



AThe Taiwanese  王建民阿!

BI heard about his nothing. He is green.

AYes, he is a greenhorn, who got 40 win at his first two year.

BThat will be the day! You stretch a point.

AYou should be a big boy, just like 王建民, break your neck, do back-breaking work, put your best foot forward, and then get the feel of doing something.

BI’m not born yesterday. I’m not worldly-wise, but being dry behind the ears.


BAnd he really likes baseball.


BHe is cut out to be a pitcher.

        Just like me, Cooking is my cup of tea,

    I enjoy preparing meals for my family and friends.

    Maybe I should consider going into the catering business.

        I want to do my long suit like him.

Aand then?

BI want to in the cnn news.

        I think I will be an old hand.

Awhat do you want to be?

BI want to be…

        I don’t know.

Ayou should do something that you have a knack.

B :What is my fit to be?

AThat is you responsibility to find it out, If you have found your gift, hang in there and make no compromise with nobody. Finally you will find it.

BJust like most of fairy tale story, we have happy ending.

Ayou will live happily ever after.

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