A WowWhat a fantastic mountain scene哎呀! Rimrock.

A I was still breathing. But how could I get away from here? 

        I should find a way out.

        I should Hang in there, I can do it.

AVines OkayI can go.


        Falling rocks No

        Ouch! It's really not my day.

AOkaylet sleeping dogs lie.
I want two PaizzaHot´s pizza one Mcdonalds´ happy meal and Costco´s barbecue

C: Hello, this is 119What? OK, where is he? Yeahwe’ll right there at the drop of a hat.

CLet’s go, having barbecue.

BYeah~ lets go!÷

(B C 離開了救援 中心)

AI'm so hungry. I wanna eat two pizzas one happy meal and barbecue.

ASomebody will help me out in no time.

        It’s so beautifulbut inconvenient. This is the reason I like living in the city.

BWhy we go far away? Where´s my pizza!  Where´s my happy meal?! And where´s my barbecue?!You lie me!I want to buy my pizza

CHey, I lied to you. I just got a call that there’s a hiker getting injured in the mountain,  
need us to do him a favor.

BOH~ I got itAs for rescue, I am the best! This way, follow me!

C:  No,  this way.

BAccording to my feeling, the passenger only can in that direction, there´s no other way to go.

CAccording to my collected database, the true answer is here.

BI´m nature born lifeguard, so follow my feeling.

CA good Sense of direction is not always the answer. Science is a learning, and by science we can get the eternity.

BWhatever, follow me, I´m right

C: I always put my best food forward to do reaching, I belvev I AM RIGHT! I am going to  

  Make no compromise to you, take it or leave it. I will not go if you do not follow me.

BI´m right, this way.

Cthen go your own wayI throw in the towel.

BOkay, if we don´t split the different with each other, then decide by play a finger guessing game.


A: 阿! No one come to my rescue.                                                                                Hang in there Back out.                                                                                                Sweat it out Throw in the towel.                                                                                 Hold on Throw up my hands.
Does everyone desert me Everyone doesn’t like me. The world forgets me.             And the
roast chicken hates me. Okaylet me died.
I am who I am Why do I hereI have to step outthe sooner, the better.
Vines Every dog has his day.        哎呀!    NoOuch! It's really not my day.    
A:Should I hold up or give up

Keep at itBail out  

Tough it out Call it a night.

BThere´s a stone ladder,let´s go!

Clook~ there seems to be someonehe is down thereright now, let’s downthere.

AHow did you come

BWe go through the stone ladder, Look over there~

A What the heck story

BJust like most of fairy tale story,we have happy ending.

CSo the prince and princess had their happy and joyful life.


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