Midterm Oral Exam ---summer 2008

Interview Questions

1.      Suppose I’ve been thinking about quitting my job at Tunghai due too much stress. Try to talk me out it.

2.      How do you know when to stick with it to the bitter end and when to call it quits?

3.      How far would you go for your best friends when they need your help?

4.      Suppose you need me to do you a favor. Try to talk me into it.

5.      Describe Michael Jordon as a basketball player/ Celine Dion as a singer.

6.      Describe Andy, a terrible dancer, and Mary very good at making money.

7.      What do students often do during the midterm and final exams weeks?

8.      Henry often fools around and fail his job duties at work. How would you describe him?

9.      When it comes to making compromises, how do you see yourself? Are you an all-or-nothing or middle-of-the-road person?

10.  Suppose we two have different opinions. Talk me into making compromises with you.

11.  When did you first leave the nest? Are you a big boy/girl now?

12.  Suppose I’m not an independent person. Give advice to make me more independent.

13.  What kind of things do dishonest people often do?

14.  Describe Neil, who’s got a reputation for speaking her mind.

15.  What’s you view on the saying, “Honesty is the best policy?” Is it always true?

16.  If you are a person who plays fair, how would you describe yourself?

17.  Suppose you’re at a job interview. Try to talk me into hiring you even though you are green at the moment.

18.  Mark’s just started his new job as a waiter with little experience. How would you describe him as a n inexperienced waiter?

19.  When it comes to your schoolwork, do you enjoy team work? Why/why not?

20.  Suppose I’m a loner. Talk me into teaming up with you to work on a class project.

21.  Describe the situation in which it’s very unlikely for John to pass his English class.

22.  Use different idiomatic expressions to say, “Jane will never marry John.”

23.  Suppose you are a teacher and Nicky’s a new transfer student in your class. Tell your students how they should behave in a friendly way with Nicky.

24.  If you want to send me a message that you don’ like me, what could you do without saying a word to put across the message?

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